Cadmus Labs is a scientific research company with a primary focus on genetics. They have run afoul of the superhero community due to their illegal experimentation with human and alien cloning.

Notable Activities

  • Creation of Genomorph Gnomes.
  • Kidnapping of Grodd and giving him cybernetic enhancements.
  • Kryptonite research (from a meteorite that landed in Louisiana).
  • Injecting John Diggle with a special steroid.
  • Experimentation on metahuman children thanks to their partnership with Checkmate
  • Project KR: Creation of Superman and Supergirl clones (Kon-El and Galatea), and exploration of Kryptonian genetics (one of its experiment is Bizarro)
  • Creation of a compound called Xenothium.
  • Creation of the COBALT formula.

After a group of Titans broke into Cadmus and made their activities public, the organization has gone underground. Their current whereabouts and plans are unknown.

Trivia and Notes


  • When the Titans broke into their facility, they released Kon-El, Bizarro and Galatea.
  • Deathstroke donated his genetic material to them.
  • Joker broke into one of their facilities and freed a group of children that later formed the Royal Flush Gang.
  • Cadmus Labs was set up in Gila Flats, the location of where Jon Osterman turned into Dr. Manhattan.


  • The Titans finding Kon-El in Cadmus is a nod to the Young Justice TV series.

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