The Church for the Righteous Invasion of the Monarch Exalted, part organized criminal gang, part religious cult, part terrorist cell. This organization caters to career criminals, zealots, and anarchists alike.

Overseen by Bruno Mannheim, who is considered to be a crime lord, prophet, or mercenary depending on who you ask. This cultist gang claims to be the vanguard for an inevitable invasion of the planet wherein a new galactic overlord will seize control of Earth. The organization is also known informally as 'Intergang' and the 'Religion of Crime' by different agencies.

Its other key members are Whisper A'Daire, Chang Tzu, Red Alice, Mad Hatter, Stitches, Morgan Edge, Mr. Abbot, Rough House, Noose, and Torcher. Recently, they had been known to be dealing with Steppenwolf and Fury. CRIME is globally represented with a foothold in most major cities across the world while its leadership remains highly mobile.

In Gotham, the local overseers are Red Alice and Stitches. While the mysterious Red Alice and her new lover Mad Hatter motivate the fanatics, Stitches handles the day-to-day operations and acts as Mannheim's personal attache to the Gotham Underworld.[1]

Trivia and Notes


  • They believe that Cassandra Cain is a being known as 'Who Is All' and have sought to recruit her many times, even being so bold as to assault Wayne Manor in an attempt to abduct her, but they failed.[2]
  • CRIME is known to do horrible things to those who fail to comply with their deals.[3]
  • They have conscripted Mad Hatter into decrypting the Anti-Life Equation.[4]


  • CRIME is a composite of Intergang and Religion of Crime from the comics.

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