• AlanGunhouse

    Would Skyboy fit here?

    February 29, 2020 by AlanGunhouse

    I had a thought about a character who might possibly work in this world: Skyboy.
    Tharn of Kormo, known as Skyboy, was kind of the prototype for Supergirl, appearing roughly 18 months before she did.

    Synopsis of World's Finest 92

    Skyboy came to Earth to warm the local authorities about three criminals from his planet who had come to steal copper, the most valuable metal on their world.  Unfortunately, they detected him and shot him down with a stun ray, causing his ship to collide with a meteor while he was paralyzed by the ray.  He lost his memory and was rescued by Superman and Batman & Robin.  It was soon realized he had powers similar to Superman, indicating he was from a planet with a similar environment to Krypton, he was given the name …

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  • TheCanaries


    February 23, 2020 by TheCanaries

    in:Team Arrow Members, Male Characters, LGBT+, 27th Reality


    (READ PLEASE; HI I'm Damian i;m 14 and I'm a huge dc fan and this is a character i have thought of for a while please someone edit this to make it look good and maybe make an image of him. i have dyslexia so its hard writing and stuff and i'm struggling with being bullied not to be a victim but its been bothering me a lot and this would actually make me feel better. Please do this for me please Dm me on insta a_nerd_who_loves_his_canary for knowledge or stuff about Dylan or just for fun )

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  • Sonic2479

    Of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles you did, I have strong felt that Transformers should be here too. I will fill in the rest later when I have the chance.

    • Prima Prime:
    • Vector Prime: Ancient Cybertronian Starship (Aerial Vehicle Mode)
    • Solus Prime:
    • Micronus Prime:
    • Alchemist Prime:
    • Nexus Prime:
    • Onyx Prime:
    • Amalgamous Prime:
    • Quintus Prime:
    • Megatronus Prime/The Fallen: Ancient Cybertronian Tank (Ground Vehicle Mode)
    • Sentinel Prime: Cybertronian Bulldozer (Ground Vehicle Mode)
    • Zeta Prime: Cybertronian Truck (Ground Vehicle Mode)
    • Hot Rod/Rodimus/Rodimus Prime: Cybertronian Sports Car to Earth Long-nose Race Truck (Ground Vehicle Modes)
    • Orion Pax/Optimus/Optimus Prime: Cybertronian Truck to Earth Peterbilt 379 Semi-trailer truck (Ground Vehicle Modes), retract…

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