The Black Light Tribe is a street gang distinguished by their use of brightly colored paints which they use to mark their bodies, clothing, cars, and territory. They are headquartered in the East End and operate mostly through protection rackets, sex trafficking, and drug dealing; but also are trying to get into gambling, arms dealing, and money laundering.

Their leader, Thomas "Neon" Chatham is a capable young man, but he is regarded by most high-profile criminals to be something of a joke. Whether he is considered a joke or not, no one can argue he's kept the East End and much of the Narrows on lock for years.[1]

Trivia and Notes


  • The Black Light Tribe is a reimagining of the Neon Gang featured in the film Batman Forever. Thomas Chatham is a take on the character known as "Neon Gang Leader".

Links and References

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