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  • Bruce Wayne: That sounds good, Lucius. Make it happen. [paper shuffling] So... How did the interview with McGinnis go?
  • Lucius Fox: I believe you can ask him yourself...
  • Bruce Wayne: Oh, boy. [sigh]
  • Sasha Bordeaux: [muffled sounds] [voice enhancement:] I'm sorry, but you two will have to make an appointment if you wish to see Mr. Wayne.
  • Julie McGinnis: [voice enhancement:] Sasha... You know who I am.
  • Sasha Bordeaux: [voice enhancement:] I'm sorry, Miss Madison. That doesn't change-
  • Julie McGinnis: [voice enhancement:] It's McGinnis.
  • Bruce Wayne: [beep] It's fine Sasha. You can let them in.
  • Sasha Bordeaux: Understood, sir. You two may go in. [beep, doors open]
  • Bruce Wayne: Warren, Julie... It's nice to see. you know my friend, Lucius-
  • Julie McGinnis: [sigh] Yes Bruce, I remember Lucius. How are you?
  • Lucius Fox: I was just leaving.. I'm sure you all have much to discuss. Nice to see you again, Julie... Warren. [door closes]
  • Julie McGinnis: I'm just going to say it... What the hell?!
  • Warren McGinnis: Julie, let's not-
  • Julie McGinnis: What the hell, Bruce?! It's been, what, nine years since we last spoke and this is how you decide to contact me? Through my husband and your bank account?!
  • Bruce Wayne: Just ask what it is you really want to ask, Julie.
  • Julie McGinnis: [sigh] How long have you known? How long have you known that Terry is... [deep breath] your son?
  • Bruce Wayne: Since the Earthquake in '07. I wanted to make sure you weren't in danger... and discovered you were married and living in Burnside... with a newborn son. I did the math.
  • Warren McGinnis: Mr. Wayne... What Julie and I are concerned about is... Well, we have worked hard to-
  • Bruce Wayne: I am sorry that things didn't work out with Julie and I... and I respect her choice to raise the boy the way she wants... as you two wish. I will not ask to see him or be given any special treatment, nor should you expect any further preferential treatment from me, Warren. I only expect your best work. I will be your employer and nothing more. Is that clear?
  • Warren McGinnis: [clears throat] I believe that sounds fair... and honestly, this is a generous offer, Mr. Wayne... and I am honored, but... the decision is Julie's. So, dear... What do you say?

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