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  • Selina Wayne: [footsteps] Lena? What are you- What's- I got a message that you were hurt-
  • Helena Wayne: Cool it, mom. I'm fine. No worries. Just come with me. [door opens, rapid footsteps]
  • Selina Wayne: Lena! Come back- [sigh, footsteps]
  • Bruce Wayne: -ry, my house is not for you to use to impress your girlfriend on Valentine's day. Take Dana to a restaurant. I'll p- Lena?
  • Helena Wayne: Oh, good... The table's all set. Thanks, Terr. [hands slapping together]
  • Terry McGinnis: We make a good team, short stuff.
  • Bruce Wayne: What are you two on ab-
  • Selina Wayne: [footsteps] Lena Wayne, get back h- Oh... Hi Bruce.
  • Bruce Wayne: Selina.
  • Terry McGinnis: Mrs. Wayne, good to see you. I hope you like lobster.
  • Selina Wayne: Lobster? Oh, I see... A Valentine's Day dinner? How romantic of you, Bruce.
  • Bruce Wayne: Me? I did-
  • Helena Wayne: Totes his idea mom! Terry and I just set the table and got you here. Right dad? [nudge]
  • Bruce Wayne: Uh... Right. Uh, Happy Valentine's Day?
  • Selina Wayne: [slow footsteps, giggle] How Romantic... and totally unlike you.
  • Terry McGinnis: Come on, shorty. Let's allow them some space. We'll be downstairs. Have a good dinner. [footsteps]
  • Bruce Wayne: We both know this isn't my idea.
  • Selina Wayne: Doesn't mean we can't let them think they got one over on us and just enjoy each other's company.

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