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  • Barbara Grayson: This is... weird. Nice to see that Bruce is still the sentimental type. I mean he's still got Jason's display- Oh.. wait... That's Tim's suit, isn't it?
  • Richard Grayson: [sigh] Yeah... There wasn't much of Tim's Bat-Suit left so... Bruce put Tim's old Robin suit up instead. [sigh, footsteps] Where is he? [footsteps] Bruce?! Babs and I are here.
  • Barbara Grayson: You don't think he's-
  • Richard Grayson: Dead? [scoff] No... he's too stubborn for that.
  • Barbara Grayson: I was going to say passed out drunk.
  • Richard Grayson: I don't know if he does that much anymore. I remember Tim mentioning that Terry had a good effect on the old-
  • Terry McGinnis: Alright, who the hell are you and what are you doing in here? Are you with the League? Is that how you know about this place?
  • Richard Grayson: You must be Terry... Tim was right, he's got that look.
  • Terry McGinnis: Enough about me! Who are you?
  • Barbara Grayson: Got his father's looks, sure... but not his brains. Some Batman. He doesn't even know who the District Attorney is...
  • Terry McGinnis: You're the District Attorney? Wait a minute... the District Attorney is in the Batcave?! And you know I'm Batman?!
  • Max Gibson: Chill, Terr. He's cool. This is Dick Grayson, Bruce's oldest.
  • Terry McGinnis: I thought that was Damian.
  • Max Gibson: Adopted, bird-brain. This guy was the first Robin, the first Nightwing, and the first one to wear the cowl other than Bruce. Batman Four, meet Batman Two.
  • Terry McGinnis: Whatever... So he's schway then?
  • Max Gibson: Oh, he's schway alright... Have you seen them old Nightwing stills. He's way schway.
  • Barbara Grayson: [laughter] Hey, Max. Good to see that Oracle is still schooling Batman. It's the way it should be.
  • Bruce Wayne: [slow footsteps, cane taps] Dick, Barbara... Come down to the Batwave with me. I have a lead on the March Investigation. Terry, Max... I thought I told you two to wash the Batmobile...
  • Terry McGinnis: You're not going to introduce us?
  • Bruce Wayne: [sigh] Dick, this is Terry. He's a poor replacement for myself, you, or Tim.
  • Terry McGinnis: Hey!
  • Bruce Wayne: Barbara, this is Max. She keeps calling herself Oracle, but I've yet to see her live up to it.
  • Max Gibson: [scoff] Come on, Terr. The old man thinks he's got jokes again. I don't like it when he's like this... Let's go suds up your ride. [footsteps]
  • Richard Grayson: His ride? Wow, you have gone soft, Bruce... Even when I wore the cowl, you never let me call the Batmobile my ride.

Trivia and Notes

  • Batwave Files are the future version of Oracle Files.
  • This takes places in the Earth-2027 Continuity.
  • Debut of Richard and Barbara Grayson.
  • Bruce being too stubborn to die is a nod to the Batman Beyond episode The Call, Part 1.

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