Batwave Files: Nissa



  • Apartment of Nissa Diggle, Crown Point, Gotham City, NJ (SRB)
  • November 11th 2026, 0527 EST

VOX Archive

  • [door opens, footsteps, pause]
  • Terry McGinnis: Hi Nissa... or should I call you Sara?
  • Nissa Diggle: [sigh] What did you do? Interrogate the Commissioner?
  • Terry McGinnis: No. I, uh, I put a bug on your suit.
  • Nissa Diggle: Impossible, I checked my gear when I was- [pause] Those self-dissolving nanite tracers that Maxine built?
  • Terry McGinnis: Yeah. Once you were stationary for a bit, they pinged their location and destroyed themselves.
  • Nissa Diggle: Yeah, I know how they work. [scoff, footsteps] You couldn't just accept my request for privacy, could you?
  • Terry McGinnis: Sorry...
  • Nissa Diggle: No, you're not.
  • Terry McGinnis: I had to be sure you weren't-
  • Nissa Diggle: What? A criminal tricking you into letting me into your circle of friends after saving your life like... twelve times?
  • Terry McGinnis: [pause] Yeah, well...
  • Nissa Diggle: That's a hell of a long game there, Batman.
  • Terry McGinnis: It's Terry, by the way- Terry-
  • Nissa Diggle: McGinnis. Yeah, I know who you are.
  • Terry McGinnis: You do? [pause] You ran facial recognition on me when my mask was glitching. Didn't you?
  • Nissa Diggle: I guess we're both paranoid as [expletive]. [chuckle] Alright, fair enough... So, where do we go from here?
  • Terry McGinnis: I would like to still be allies, Nissa. [pause, footsteps] Actually, if you're cool with it... I'd rather us be friends. Sound good?

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