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  • Bruce Wayne: Terry? What are doing back so soon? Wait, where's the suit?
  • Terry McGinnis: It's stowed away. I'm calling it a night... I'm just here to pick Max up. I gave her a ride over here.
  • Bruce Wayne: The sun's not up, yet.
  • Max Gibson: And neither am I, old man. [yawn] I've been half-asleep for the last forty minutes. I need to get some sleep. I got plans tomorrow.
  • Bruce Wayne: What plans?
  • Max Gibson: School
  • Bruce Wayne: It's Saturday...
  • Max Gibson: Yeah, I take classes on Saturday, too.
  • Bruce Wayne: Fine... but crime is still happening.
  • Terry McGinnis: Like what? It's been quiet since one or two.
  • Bruce Wayne: Very well, go home and get some sleep. Rest while you can.
  • Terry McGinnis: Great! See you tonight, Bruce! [footsteps] [whisper enhancement] Do you really take classes on Saturday?
  • Max Gibson: [whisper enhancement:] Of course not, but you think I'm going to tell him that?
  • Terry McGinnis: [whisper enhancement:] So... what do you have planned?
  • Max Gibson: [whisper enhancement:] Dana and I have brunch. Want to join us?
  • Terry McGinnis: [whisper enhancement:] Sure... What time?
  • Max Gibson: [whisper enhancement:] It's brunch... so like eleven.
  • Terry McGinnis: [whisper enhancement:] Yeesh, I don't wake up until like one or two. I'll try... but no promises.
  • Max Gibson: [whisper enhancement:] What a life you live.
  • Terry McGinnis: [whisper enhancement:] I need to sleep sometime! Wait, when do you sleep?
  • Max Gibson: [whisper enhancement:] I take bat-naps down here between your distress calls... that and I use caffeine... lots of caffeine.
  • Bruce Wayne: Hey! One more thing before you two go... I'm blind in one eye, sure... but I'm not deaf! [chair swivels] Once a bat, always a bat... hearing included. [chair swivels] Enjoy your brunch...

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