Batwave Files: Julie McGinnis



  • McGinnis Residence, The Hill District, Gotham City, NJ (SRB)
  • January 9th 2027, 0517 EST

VOX Archive

  • [door opens, quiet footsteps, door closes]
  • Julie McGinnis: Lights, on.
  • Terry McGinnis: Mom... What're you doing up so early? [nervous chuckle]
  • Julie McGinnis: I could ask you the same thing, Terrence.
  • Terry McGinnis: I, uh... I was just taking out some trash.
  • Julie McGinnis: [sigh] Is that what you call it?
  • Terry McGinnis: Excuse me?
  • Julie McGinnis: I know you're Batman, Terry... and don't bother denying it. Your boss already confirmed it to me at the Christmas party. I've waited this long to talk to you about it, because... well... I was not sure what I was going to say to you. I needed time to form my thoughts and look at this from your point of view.
  • Terry McGinnis: [gulp] And?
  • Julie McGinnis: [sigh] You're a grown man... much as I try to deny it... and while I wish you wouldn't do something so dangerous, I can't stop you. I may not like what you're doing, but I am glad that you found a way to deal with your father's death and do something productive, at least from a certain point of view.
  • Terry McGinnis: No way... You're schway with this?
  • Julie McGinnis: I am far from schway, Terry... but I'm willing to keep an open-mind. I mean, I've always prided myself on being that kind of mom, haven't I?
  • Terry McGinnis: You're the best mom.
  • Julie McGinnis: Too bad I can't have the best kids, huh? [chuckle] Come here, give me a hug [muffled mic, silence: 10 seconds] I'm proud of you Terry... Warren would be, as well.
  • Terry McGinnis: You mean 'dad'?
  • Julie McGinnis: [sigh] I guess since your secret is out... I better tell you mine, unless that Mr. Wayne already told you....
  • Terry McGinnis: Mom, you don't h-
  • Julie McGinnis: Terry, do you know who your father is? I mean, your real father?
  • Terry McGinnis: Of course, I do, mom... His name was Warren McGinnis. He was always my father... and always will be.
  • Julie McGinnis: [sigh, chuckle] You're a smart boy... You're right. He will always be... [chuckle] Oh, look at me... I'm such a wimp. I tear up at the drop of a hat. Hand me those tissues, will you?

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