Batwave Files: Inque



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  • Batman: [jet thrusters disengaging, footsteps] Oracle. I'm here. No sign of Inque. Maybe it's my lucky night and she won't show.
  • Max Gibson: Sounds like wishful thinking, Terry. What's the matter, you scared?
  • Batman: Why don't I put you in this suit and send you to go fight the nigh-immortal polymorph that makes weapons out of her body and I'll sit in the Batcave playing Sentries of the Last Cosmos on my smartglass.
  • Max Gibson: For your information, I'm not playing Sentries of the Last Cosmos.
  • Batman: Oh no? Then what are you doing?
  • Max Gibson: No... I'm... uh... scanning things with the satellite and uh... calibrating your... uh... Fine! I'm playing Sentries! So what? I can multitask.
  • Batman: Okay, Madame Multitasker, can you calibrate the Batmobile's sensors to amplify my suit's? I'm not seeing any-
  • Max Gibson: Done.
  • Batman: -thing... How did you do that so fast? It takes Bruce like two minutes to do-
  • Max Gibson: Terry, it's like I told you, I can multi- Look out! [whoosh, whoosh, shifting liquid, whoosh, metallic clank, shifting liquid, jet thrusters engaging, shifting liquid, grunt, shifting liquid] Terry, talk to me! What's happening? your feed is cutting out... the jets are draining too much of the suit's power.
  • Batman: She's got my boot... I need more power... She's sucking me in! [jet thrusters misfiring, shifting liquid, grunt, shifting liquid, gasp, gurgle] Mmph!
  • Max Gibson: Okay! I'm cutting the sensor's tether, that- Wait... No! I know! Terry, I'm activating the suit's defibrillator... This is gonna hurt! Sorry! Clear!
  • Batman: [electrical crackle, shifting liquid, screams, shifting liquid, gasp] I hate you so much right now.
  • Inque: The feeling's mutual Batman. I assure you.
  • Batman: I'm not talking to you!
  • Max Gibson: Hey, you're alive ain't you?
  • Batman: [panting, coughing, shifting liquid] We're going to talk about this later. Right now, I need to settle this score with Inque.
  • Max Gibson: You're just jealous of my ability to multitask. Oh! New high score! Sweet!

Trivia and Notes

  • Batwave Files are the future version of Oracle Files.
  • Story takes places in the Earth-2027 continuity.
  • Debut of Inque.
  • Sentries of the Last Cosmos is a nod to the Batman Beyond episode of the same name.

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