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Batwave Files: Dana Tan



  • Dana Tan's Apartment, Diamond District, Gotham City, NJ (SRB)
  • January 1st 2027, 0001 EST

VOX Archive

  • Bruce Wayne: Terry? What's going on? My sensors aren't reading your vitals...
  • Terry McGinnis: Oh, yeah... uh... about that... Look, I had to ditch the suit for a minute.
  • Bruce Wayne: "Ditch the suit"? That suit is worth millions of dollars... What's going on?
  • Terry McGinnis: Uh... I need to go undercover for a bit... and don't worry about the suit. I stashed it in a mop closet. Everything's schway.
  • Bruce Wayne: What a foolproof plan... What could go wrong with that?
  • Terry McGinnis: Just trust me, for once?
  • Bruce Wayne: Last time I trusted you, you stole my giant penny...
  • Terry McGinnis: What was that? I'm sorry... I can't hear you... There must be... some interference [odd mouth noises, hand slapping fabricated wall, finger tapping comms device]
  • Bruce Wayne: The Batwave is a billion dollar computer built by Lucius Fox, based on Kryptonian technology, and coded by the best hacker I've ever met. You're not fooling me, McGinnis.
  • Terry McGinnis: [sigh] Look, it's New Year's Eve. I just want to swing by and see Dana.
  • Bruce Wayne: I didn't know you two were back together.
  • Terry McGinnis: We're not... well, not really... but... it's complicated, alright? She's the love of my life and so incredibly beautiful... and... forget it. You wouldn't understand.
  • Bruce Wayne: Is that so? Try me.
  • Terry McGinnis: Look, just give me twenty minutes. Please?
  • Bruce Wayne: Very well, McGinnis. You have twenty minutes. I'll go heat myself some tea to give you some privacy...
  • Terry McGinnis: Thanks [door opens, background music, overlapping voices] [USER COMMAND: Ambient Filter set to 'On'] Hey, Dana... Quite the party you got here... I thought you said 'small'-
  • Dana Tan: Terry! You actually made it! [chuckle] I didn't think you were going to make it... Cutting it kinda close, aren't we?
  • Terry McGinnis: Yeah, sorry about that... Terminal and the Jokerz were-
  • Dana Tan: Shh- Don't ruin the moment. You're just in time. Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three! Two! [moist lip smack, moans, brief moist lip smack] Happy New Year, Terry McGinnis.
  • Terry McGinnis: Happy New Year, Dana Tan. [moist lip smack]
  • Dana Tan: Stay a while?
  • Terry McGinnis: Yeah, sure... I got... seventeen minutes? [gasp, agitated groan] What? What's that look for? [scoff, footsteps] Dana? Dana, come back here! Don't be like that!

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