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  • Terry McGinnis: Schway?
  • Dana Tan: Very schway... How'd you get reservations here, Terry?
  • Terry McGinnis: Working for Mr. Wayne has its advantages.
  • Dana Tan: Mr. Wayne got you reservations here? Are you sure?
  • Terry McGinnis: Yeah... He has a soft-side once you get to know him.
  • Dana Tan: Max?
  • Max Gibson: I hacked their computer system and put Terry's name in.
  • Terry McGinnis: Max!
  • Max Gibson: Hey, I told you that since Dana knows our secret, I was going to stop lying to her. I told you that!
  • Dana Tan: Terry, you don't need to lie to me.
  • Terry McGinnis: Well, it's just that... I wanted you to... open your mind to Mr. Wayne is all. He's really not a bad guy once you get to know him.
  • Dana Tan: Can we not talk about him for one night.
  • Terry McGinnis: Hey! I agreed to leave my phone at home. I didn't agree to not talk about the guy who-
  • Max Gibson: [beep, beep] Oh, sorry... One moment, let me get that. Uh oh... it's him.
  • Terry McGinnis: [sigh] Answer it. Hey, it's Max's phone... not my fault! Dana, please, you know I hate it when you look at me like that
  • Dana Tan: Go ahead and answer it, Max... but Terry's not here. Understand?
  • Max Gibson: Crystal clear, Dana. [sigh] What up, Mr. Wayne?
  • Bruce Wayne: Put him on, Max.
  • Max Gibson: Put who on?
  • Bruce Wayne: Do not play games with me, girl. The last Oracle had a program designed to melt phones. Do I need to use that?
  • Max Gibson: Sorry, Terr... You're on your own. I can't have no busted phone.
  • Terry McGinnis: [sigh] I'll go get my suit. Send me the GPS coordinates to my watch... [beep] Uh... have a nice dinner... Max, here's a credit chit, take Dana on a shopping spree after dinner.
  • Max Gibson: Schway... How much do you want us to spend.
  • Terry McGinnis: However much it takes Dana to forgive me...
  • Dana Tan: You're not that rich, McGinnis...
  • Terry McGinnis: Probably not... but that's why that's Wayne's credit chit. [beep, beep] Oh, man... Again? [beep] What is it? I'm on my way, alright?!
  • Bruce Wayne: You left a comms device powered up in your coat pocket, McGinnis...
  • Terry McGinnis: [expletive]
  • Bruce Wayne: And remind me, tomorrow, to review your usage of the Wayne Foundation credit chit I gave you.

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