Batwave Files: Blight



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  • Batman: Ahoy, Captain!
  • Blight: Batman... [footsteps] Where are you? Show yourself!
  • Batman: I found you... Now it's your turn. I got to say, a nuclear sub was smart. That's why I couldn't find your radiation trail. This whole tin can is still hot with rads.
  • Blight: It's about to get warmer... [energy blast, sizzle, whack, metallic door opens, silence: 4.3 seconds, footsteps]
  • Batman: Not in there... Here's a hint: turn right at the next hatch.
  • Blight: [sizzle, glass shattering, metal rending, metallic clatter, footsteps, energy blast, debris scatters, rumble, sizzle] Why do you persist on tormenting me? All I want is to be left alone!
  • Batman: Can't let you run around like this. We have rules about nuclear waste... and besides, this is personal.
  • Blight: Personal? How? Who are you?
  • Batman: You really want to know?
  • Blight: Yes!
  • Batman: [auto-door opens] You killed my father...
  • Blight: Do you have the slightest idea how little that narrows it down?!
  • Batman: Too bad, that's all you get. Captain on the bridge!
  • Blight: What? [auto-door opens, footsteps, pneumatic weapon fires, net hurdles] What is this?
  • Paxton Powers: Just making up for lost time, dad. We never did go fishing together. [button press, electrical thrum, gasp, grunt, groan, electrical crackle] Did you really expect me to believe that you'd ever give me power? That I'd ever have an ounce of control as long as you were alive? You taught me by example, dad. The only way to get power... is to seize it! [dial clicks]
  • Batman: [electrical thrum intensifies, gasp, grunt, wail, electrical crackle, thud] Enough! Turn it off. That thing's going to kill him.
  • Paxton Powers: You want this as much as I do.
  • Batman: No! I wouldn't have agreed to this. You said you were going to help him.
  • Paxton Powers: I lied.
  • Bruce Wayne: Terry... The suit's sensors are detecting an anomaly in Blight's power lev- [Warning: energy weapon warming up] Look out! [weapon discharge, weapon discharge, water spraying]
  • Blight: [electricity crackling, footsteps, groan, metal rending, heavy breathing, energy blast] Paxton! [water splashing, energy blast, debris scatter, rumble, sizzle] You're fired...

Trivia and Notes

  • Batwave Files are the future version of Oracle Files.
  • Story takes place in the Earth-2027 continuity.
  • Debut of Derek and Paxton Powers.
  • This scene is inspired by the Batman Beyond episode "Ascension".

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