Batmobile is Batman's car. Batman has an impressive fleet of Batmobiles for a variety of needs but most are armored and outfitted with upgraded engines and mobile forensic labs. Many of the Batmobiles are essentially tanks that drive like a sports car with a jet engine strapped to the back and have become Batman's signature vehicle. All of them contain the most state of the art equipment as Batman employs multiple of them, utilizing Harold to upgrade the back-ups regularly with even better tech.[1]

Dick Grayson has his own Batmobile of sorts (called Night Car) with convertible chassis that enables it to be disguised it as any similarly sized vehicle such as a taxi cab, a police car or a sports car. It houses a 2014 KordTech racing engine, automatic transmission and all wheel drive, dual batteries and puncture resistant tires. The car is not only bulletproof but also bullet absorbent in order to prevent stray ricochets from hitting innocent bystanders.[2]

Batmobile's function such as alternative driver access, brake, communications, diagnostics, filtration, fire suppression and grapnel winch can be remotely accessed and disabled.[3]

Trivia and Notes


  • Night Car isn't as good as Batman's Batmobile but has a better sound system.
  • Vehicles have a restraint system which holds people in their passenger seats. Restraint system has a gag feature.[4]

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