Batman may refer to:

Other people that have taken the mantle of the Batman for very brief and specific purposes:

  • Clark Kent: When Brainiac kidnapped Bruce Wayne (not aware he was Batman).
  • Alfred Pennyworth: When Bruce was accused of being Batman after the death of Jason Todd, at a press conference. Alfred showed up on a roof across the street in the bat-suit while Bruce was attending a press conference denouncing the Justice League, just to cast reasonable doubt.
  • Barry Allen: During the Super-Friends' era, Barry sped into the Batcave, swiped the suit, and sped over Gotham locking up criminals to prove to Bruce that he could handle Gotham City's level of crime. Bruce upgraded his suit vault's security system afterward.
  • Oliver Queen: KGBeast shot Bruce during a failed assassination attempt of Lucius Fox. Since both Bruce and Lucius were detained by GCPD, Oliver came to Gotham, shaved his goatee, and worked as Batman to catch KGBeast. Oliver swore he'd never do it again if it meant he had to always shave to wear the cowl.
  • J'onn J'onzz: J'onn transforms into Batman quite a bit when they're working together as a diversionary tactic (or when J'onn is doing his own investigations and figures taking on the look of Batman might help him scare information out of a criminal immune to psychic probing).
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