The Batcave is a secret deep below the surface of Wayne Manor. Part of it was once used to hide fugitive slaves in the 1800s, as part of the Underground Railroad, it has been expanded and updated considerably by Bruce, Alfred, and Harold. It is now the central headquarters and command center for Batman's crusade against crime and injustice. It has boat and plane access through a waterway tunnel and surface vehicle access through a 1.2 mile long tunnel that exits away from the Manor. Main access to the cave is through two secret elevators in the manor basement and the public elevator in Wayne Manor through a secret code entered on the control panel of the elevator. A fourth elevator leads deeper below the cave to a private server facility that houses the "Brother Eye" network.[1]

Batcave 2

Located under the Wayne Foundation Building. This Batcave is used as headquarters for members of the Bat Family in probation.

Batcave 3

This Batcave is located in Burnside. It is nicknamed "The Belfry".

Batcave 4

This Batcave is used to keep prisoners that Batman doesn't trust to be in Arkham.

Batcave 5

Batcave 5 is located in Gotham City, Gotham Heights district, on the north island, not far from Crime Alley. It has a Zeta Beam.[2]

Batcave 6

Batcave 6 is located on the same island as Arkham Asylum.

Trivia and Notes


  • This is not the only "Batcave", just the first and main one.
  • Each Batcave contains a cache of green Kryptonite.
  • There's more than 214 bats in the batcave.[3]


  • A Batcave located on the Arkham Island is a nod to Arkham Asylum video game.

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