Barbara Minerva: 1987 - Present

Let me just tell you, I hardly know this woman, but I like her, I feel we’re kindred spirits, her and I. She’s like me, only British and catches criminals through official channels rather than grey areas that I operate in. But our differences aside, she’s a kickass redhead with an awesome first name! Okay. So with all that out of the way, here’s what I was able to dig up on her; Barbara Minerva is the heiress of a rather impressive family state in Nottinghamshire. She excelled in academics and graduated valedictorian from her secondary school. The only mark on her impressive record is an incident she was involved in where classmates were harassing her due to her “lanky frame” and “plain face”. Either those kids were on drugs or Barbara have filled in nicely because from what I’ve seen via pictures and video, this Barbara ain’t lanky or plain.

Prior to entering university, Barbara and several of her former classmates went on a summer cruise on a yacht owned by Barbara’s father. Their trip was meant to go along the African coast, but a violent storm capsized the yacht and the classmates were forced to swim for land. Due to the weather, the survivors were further forced inland to find shelter in the African jungle where they were captured by the mysterious Urzkartagan tribe, intending to use the group for sacrifice to their god.

According to later testimony by Barbara, only she and one other were able to escape, diving into a river and being swept away by the rapids. Only Barbara made it back to civilization. After that harrowing experience, Barbara managed to put her life back on track, attending school and getting degrees in both psychology and law. After school, she put her education to work for her as a criminal profiler for Interpol

Due to some politics, Barbara was recently transferred to serve as a liaison between Interpol and ARGUS here in the States. Maxwell Lord has assigned Barbara to put her skills to use in the Interagency Meta-Criminal Apprehension Taskforce under the command of ARGUS Agent Greg Saunders; and working with D.E.O. Agent Diana Prince and Deputy US Marshal John Jones.[1]

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  • Her birth date is a nod to her first appearance: Wonder Woman Vol 2 #7, August, 1987.

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