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  • Azazel was once the third of the Thrones cast to Hell. Unlike Satan and Abaddon, Azazel never bothered to use infernal power to rebuild himself a new physical form, preferring to further explore his new nature until he settled into the amorphous form of a mass of shadows with fanged teeth and eyes. Azazel always craved power but had little head for politics. Azazel was usually content to release his title as Third of the Fallen in favor of corrupting mortals, but did reclaim his title briefly over thirty years ago to challenge Lucifer's decision to give ownership of Hell to Dream of the Endless. Opposing Dream's decision to give the various Lords of Hell pieces of Lucifer's wings to ensure a stalemate of power, Azazel attended a meeting of the Lords of Hell held at Dream's castle in the Dreaming. While there, Azazel famously insulted Dream at the gathering. When Dream reminded Azazel that he was a guest in the castle and would do well to respect his host, Azazel rejected the hospitality and thus freed Dream to unleash his full fury upon the demon. Azazel is rumored to be kept contained inside a jar in the Dreaming's library ever since, a mere trinket gathering dust.[1]
  • Despite being in a jar he's still able to possess people and create artificial cambions for his dark plan.[2]
  • He is responsible for the death of Mary Winchester and the infernal tainting of her son Sam.
  • His appearances in the world are preceded by signs and omens. John Winchester found a way to to track him using these signs[3], and Ash Miles managed to create a tracking program.[4]
  • He possessed Edward Nygma and tricked Albert Davis into performing a ritual which released Trigon and demons into the world.[5] He later possessed Walter Steele[6] and Wally West during the Hell on Earth event.[7]


  • He's a composite character of Azazel from the Sandman comics (becoming trapped in a jar) and Azazel from the Supernatural TV Series
  • Azazel's alias of "Yellow Eyes" comes from his portrayal on the show
  • His appearance is based on Fredric Lehne, one of the actors who portrayed him on the show.

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