Hundreds upon hundreds of years ago, a mysterious woman known as Azar convinced a group of Earth humans to abandon the ways of man and embrace a world of peace and prosperity. Leading her charges from Earth to Azarath, Azar guided and taught them the ways of peace for more than two centuries. These men and women established the Temple of Azarath and formed a mystic society.

Ages ago, they decided to purge their bodies of all evil. Using mystical incantations, they exorcised the darker passions from the souls and cast it out beyond the barriers of the city and into Limbo, the realm that existed outside of Azarath. These discarded dark emotions did not dissipate into the ether however. They coalesced and merged together, flowing between the endless dimensions beyond the Wall of Azarath. 

These dark forces eventually took physical form for the first time and a being called Trigon came into existence and proved to be an incomprehensible strong and powerful interdimensional demon of the highest order. Within a single generation, Trigon had conquered all the nations of Limbo, except the City of Peace whose barrier proved too strong for even him to breach. Which was fortunate as Azarath possessed the dimensional gateway to Earth and without the ability to conquer Azarath, Trigon was contained to Limbo, only able to assert his influence on Earthlings through powerful psionic means and only able to leave Limbo for brief periods of time through magical rituals. Under the rule of Trigon, Limbo became a wasteland, a hellish place, and one that would not look out of place on a heavy metal album cover.

In 2003 Trigon breached the seal with the aid of his children. His daughter, Rachel Roth, rallied Titans and defeated him.[1]

Trivia and Notes


  • Azarathian architecture was an inspiration for some album covers by an obscure band from the eighties.

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