Aurora Photography is Donna Troy's apartment and workplace.

Located at 2680 Haney Wolfman Blvd in Blüdhaven, NJ in an old refurbished industrial brick building, this residence may seem so unassuming from the outside.

4th Floor: Entry into the fourth floor welcomes you to Aurora Photography, where resident photographer Donna Troy works her magic with a lens. Lots of wonderful space to be found here.

5th Floor: The fifth floor entry way welcomes you to the first of two residential floors. Here the entry way boasts some breathtaking photography from an island paradise. Be sure to look to your right to see the spectacular great room, worthy of a pair of princesses. Be sure to check out the high flying ceilings and the formal dining room. Also found on the fifth floor is this lovely kitchen and casual dining room. Favoring her privacy, Donna opted to transform her bedroom into a micro-apartment and gallery.  From another angle. Donna's bed is just off-camera.

6th Floor: Entering this luxury apartment from the sixth floor gives you an mesmerizing view of the great room from above. The spacious sixth floor bathroom is remarkable, with heated floor and large vanity and bath. Just the type of place to unwind after a long day... or night. The sixth floor bedroom is where Koriand'r lays her head. With large windows offering plenty of sunlight (and easy access to the Blüdhaven skyline). This luxury suite is so remarkable it should be outlawed.[1]

Trivia and Notes


  • It is located at the Perez Premiani Building, Apt. 60.


  • The address is a nod to Marv Wolfman and Bob Haney.

Links and References

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