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Athena Trevor was born in Enid, Oklahoma. She is the daughter of Jason and Norma Trevor and the cousin of Steve Trevor. In school, Athena was popular and friendly, though she never did have the best grades. After high school (yep, that's right, she had a happy, uneventful childhood. How strange to find that among us hero sort ain't it?) Athena decide to go into the military (as is the Trevor family custom). Athena's personality showed a knack for morale boosting, leading to her transfer to the M.W.R (Morale, Welfare, Recreation) division.

When the Amazons of Paradise Island agreed to welcome a small delegation of United States' officials as part of an alliance, Athena Trevor was fortunate enough to be selected to take part mostly due to her relation to Steve Trevor, but also because of her role in M.W.R. While in Themyscira, most male members of the delegation were placed under Amazonian watch but the few female members were left mostly unsupervised and Athena was no exception.

Being left to her own devices, Athena had fun exploring the wonders of Themyscira, unaware that she had caught the eye of a disguised Circe who was looking for a chance to spoil the delegation's efforts in hopes of souring the relation between Themyscira and the States. Circe used her guile to convince Athena to imbibe a sacred potion which gave her incredible strength. But before Circe could turn this faux pas into a political scandal, Diana discovered Circe's plot and was able to out the sorceress and convinced Hippolyta to allow Athena to secretly undergo the remaining rites of an Amazon warrior to stabilize the potion's effects.

Steve was concerned of what the US government might do if they discovered Athena's new strength, so he and Diana Prince convinced Athena to conceal her powers until her first contract with the military was fulfilled. After her discharge, Athena joined up with other wannabe heroes that she met on FaceSpace but after their first mission had disastrous effects they disbanded. Athena wasn't solo for long as she met up with Ambush Bug while in Las Vegas and the two got married apparently. Nowadays, I hear she's working with the Doom Patrol.[1]

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  • In the comics her last name is Tremor and while her powers are Amazonian, she gained them through heritage, not a ritual.

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