Apokalypse is the homeworld of Darkseid.

It is a hellish planet. Its inhabitants are born in Breeding Pits and genetic material of enemies are deconstructed and repurposed to forge Parademons.

Trivia and Notes


  • The population of Earth knows very little, if anything outside of world leaders, intelligence experts, and the like, about Apokalypse. The Justice League, a little bit more. The Lanterns, they know quite a bit. They have been doing everything in their power to slow the Apokaliptan growth outside of direct conflict. They are afraid that a direct war with the empire would destroy the Corps.[1]
  • The planet Okaara is located in Apokalyptan Empire space.[2]
  • Apokalyptans are a group of different sub-races. One of them, Termagants, are a rare sub-species created through a select process of genetic engineering and selective breeding. Only females of this sub-species are viable.[3] They have exceptional strength, but are also heavily influenced by emotions. When she is driven by strong emotions their powers are near peak levels, but when they are experiencing emotions such as sorrow, regret, or frustration, their physical ability is in a state of fluctuation which can make them exceptionally vulnerable.[4]


  • Usually in comics, the homeworld of Darkseid is called "Apokolips". Something Roy finds silly, "why would the name of an alien world have a similar sounding name to the word Apocalypse?", Instead Apokalypse is: "an advanced alien empire whose capital is a planet roughly translated to “Final Revelation” or “Apocalypse” (I know, ominous, right) and colloquially known as “Apokalypse” (with a “k” because reasons).

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