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Childhood: 1978 - 1987

Owen and Priscilla were a couple from a nature hippie commune in Caldecott County, Mississippi. The two had a daughter out of wedlock. Both parents rejected the idea of marriage, but the pair agreed to raise the child, splitting parental duties. The first struggle came with naming the child. Priscilla wanted to name her daughter Anna and Owen liked the name Marie. A compromise was made and the girl was named Anna-Marie.

A nine-year-old Anna-Marie harbored a flirtatious interest in a slightly older boy from the same commune, Cody Robbins. While swimming in the river with her friends, young Anna-Marie worked up the courage to tell Cody how she felt. When he smiled at hearing this, Anna-Marie was so ecstatic that she gave him a big hug and a big wet kiss. However, the emotional high gave way to Anna-Marie's mutant powers activating.

Anna-Marie found herself overloaded with Cody's memories while Cody went limp. Both were swept away by the river they were playing in. The adults of the commune rushed in to rescue the youths, but several other adults, including Anna-Marie's own father, were stunned and as they tried to rescue Anna-Marie and found they had to be rescued as well.

By the time Anna-Marie was able to compose herself from all the psyches she had absorbed and swim to the shore, she had floated several miles down-shore from the commune. Afraid that she had killed Cody and the others, Anna-Marie chose to keep running. In the course of the next few days, she had accidentally used her powers on several others. Each time, the person fell to the ground and appeared lifeless, prompting Anna-Marie to run further and further away.

A New Life, A New Name: 1987 - 1992

Anna-Marie's trauma left quite the psychic trail in her wake. This gained the attention of the blind mutant clairvoyant Irene Adler who sent Raven Darkholme to track down Anna-Marie and save her. When Raven found her, Anna-Marie declined help. Raven was rather insistent, prompting Anna-Marie to say "Don't say Ah didn't warn ya", as she removed her gloves and dropped Raven to the ground.

However, Anna-Marie took more than just memories from Raven. Anna-Marie absorbed Raven's mutation, turning her skin blue. That was not the only visible difference, the brief touch did not knock Raven out, only leaving her weak, dizzy, and powerless for an hour or so.

In that hour, Raven was able to convince Anna-Marie that she was uniquely suited to teach Anna-Marie about her condition. Anna-Marie agreed and the first thing Raven taught her was to forget her old life, starting with abandoning her human-given name. She became Rogue.

To help Rogue adjust to her powers, Raven brought her new surrogate daughter to a clinic in New York City ran by Dr. Essex, an acquaintance from Raven's past who had previously helped her understand her nature. Essex was unable to help Rogue but during these treatments, Raven found out about the Human Genome Project at Empire State University. While Raven looked into the HGP, Rogue remained at the clinic and befriended several other mutant residents at the clinic.

Gifted Youngster: 1992 - 1995

Following Raven's infiltration with the HGP, she left the country to steal or destroy evidence of mutants from the HGP's other partnered labs. When Raven returned, she brought good news. Rogue left the clinic the same day as Scott Summers and the two teens were brought to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Rogue joined Raven's Advocate Squad.

Ever since her enrollment, Rogue undergoes weekly psychic therapy sessions with Charles Xavier. Progress is slow, but Charles is hopeful.


  • Mutant Level: Rogue is a Gamma-Level Mutant with Alpha-Class potential.
  • Mutation - Biomorphic Absorption & Adaptation: Rogue can absorb the powers, energy, memories, talents, personality, knowledge, and abilities of another human or mutant through physical skin-to-skin contact. The longer contact is sustained, more is absorbed and the longer the absorbed traits remain. Rogue appears only to be able to absorb the powers of one other person at a time, though she can absorb other traits from several different targets simultaneously.
    • Life-Force Absorption: Rogue's targets feel drained after having their energy absorbed and most fall unconscious following anything but the briefest touch. Sustained exposure to the absorption can even be fatal.
    • Physical Absorption: Rogue can also absorb the strength, agility, and sharp reflexes of an athletic human. If her own physical abilities surpass those absorbed, Rogue usually retains her own physical prowess. With mutants, Rogue can absorb their superhuman levels of strength and speed, with her body quickly adapting to accommodate the necessary changes required to allow such abilities to be used. Certain features that are not impairing in nature may also be absorbed and appear on Rogue's body (for example: when Rogue touches Raven Darkholme, her skin turns blue, her eyes become solid green, and her hair turns bright red while retaining Rogue's own unique white streak).
    • Psionic Absorption: Rogue can also absorb purely psionic energy. When absorbing another's memories, Rogue gains the emotional responses connected to those memories. She can also absorb the psionic abilities of a psionic mutant, though doing so usually causes intense migraines.
    • Psyche Build-Up: Through intense concentration, Rogue can call upon the residual skills, memories, talents, and knowledge of past psyches she has absorbed. These psyches tend to fade rather quickly with time but it appears as though they never completely leave her system. This same psychic build-up makes Rogue resistant to telepathic intrusion (though she is quite easily affected by broad telepathic manipulation).
  • Expertise - Jill of All Trades, Master of None: Rogue dabbles in a bit of everything. Much of this is residual knowledge from the absorbed psyches of past uses of her power, but Rogue has also built upon this foundation significantly as she never knows what skills will help her better control any mutant abilities she might absorb next. Rogue is most proud of her knitting skills, finding it therapeutic.
  • Background - Runaway: Rogue is not surprisingly a rogue. She took on her mutant name as not only a reference to her ability to steal powers and skills, but also to her past as a runaway where she learned to steal wallets to survive. As Rogue likes to say "Sugah, Ah can steal more than hearts and wallets". Aside from her passing skill as a pickpocket, lock-pick, and flirt, Rogue can take care of herself, knowing how to throw a mean punch. Of course, she's most dangerous when the gloves come off.
  • Trauma: Rogue is deeply affected by the first time her powers manifested. This singular experience has left her traumatized to the point that her powers have been "locked" into a state of constantly being active. The build-up of psyches has complicated matters by polluting Rogue's "mind palace", turning it into a "telepathic labyrinth" which makes telepathic therapy nearly impossible - of course, that hasn't stopped Charles Xavier. Charles is determined to cure her of her inability to touch others.

Threat Assessment

  • Might: 2 - Normal / 7 - Incalculable
  • Acumen: 2 - Average / 7 - Ultra-Genius
  • Speed: 2 - Normal / 7 - Transcending
  • Tactical: 4 - Experienced Fighter / 7 - Paragon Fighter
  • Energy: 1 - Insignificant Ability / 7 - Unsurpassed Ability
  • Resilience: 2 - Normal / 7 - Virtually Indestructible

Trivia and Notes


  • The current login for this Cerebro File is "User: Moira X".
  • Anna-Marie was recruited on May 11th, 1993 at the age of 14.
  • Her best subjects are Defense and History.[1]
  • Anna-Marie has a MASTERY Score between 22 and 120, marking her as either Typical, Capable, Exceptional, Superior, or a God Among Men, depending on who she has absorbed the abilities of.


  • Anna-Marie Darkholme resides in Subsidiary-Reality M, within Murum Locus.
  • Rogue is a character originating from Marvel Comics.
  • Her father's last name, Carlyle, is a reference to Rogue's name in the Ultimate Universe and her mother's last name, D'Ancanto, is a reference to her name in Fox's X-Men film series.

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