History (Submitted by Four-Eyes)

Amenadiel: In the Beginning

When the archangel Samael first spread his wings, the supernal light from the holy feathers warmed the Void and excited its dormant essence. The essence crystallized and in time, those crystals cracked and physical beings crawled out. These were the first race of so-called lesser angels: the Principalities. Amenadiel was the first of these angels to hatch and the first to swear fealty to Samael in the name of the archangel's Divine Father.

While the other angels were put to work to serve Samael and his siblings that followed in building creation according to the needs of the Tapestry, Amenadiel was told to create a home for his family. What started as a modest camp on floating piece of silver in the Void grew into a large city with spires and bridges that connected the various sections of the city together as the city floated through the supernal clouds of the Void.

When Amenadiel's project grew too large for him to handle alone and the Silver City became a staging point for the Heavenly Host to carve out a larger swath for their kingdom, Amenadiel was asked to take on a leadership role, serving as the First Prince of Heaven and overseeing the Core District of the Silver City.

Amenadiel did not enjoy this task. He wished he could return to being the First Architect of Heaven, but he did not dare to defy the Presence's request. When Samael began to make plans to form his own kingdom apart from Heaven and its Silver City, he approached Amenadiel with an offer of being his kingdom's architect. Samael reasoned that if he could show that Amenadiel supported his endeavor, the Presence would agree to sign off on Samael's plan.

However, when presenting this plan to the Presence, Amenadiel had a change of heart when he recognized that the Presence did not seem inclined to grant Samael's request. When Samael called for Amenadiel to take his turn at speaking, Amenadiel apologized to Samael and told him that he believed the Presence was right: Samael's place was with his family and not on his own.

For the perceived betrayal, Samael attacked Amenadiel but was kept from killing the Firstborn by the archangel Michael. Samael broke free, told everyone that they would regret this, and flew off. Samael started a war in Heaven and as it waged on, Amenadiel felt responsible for it... but was powerless to do anything about it as the Presence kept him from the front, retaining his duties as the first Prince of Heaven. Amenadiel suspected the constant denial of his request for a new role was punishment for having started such a conflict.

When Samael lost his name, title, and place in Heaven, Amenadiel was finally given a new role. He became the Warden of Hell. That is when Amenadiel realized the Presence had delayed his punishment.

Amenadiel: Prehistory - Present

It's no surprise that Amenadiel and Lucifer had a very contentious relationship. The only thing that kept them from killing each other was ancient laws, such as the Law of Hospitality. But their animosity has cooled over the eons. Nowadays, they rarely try to kill each other.

Supplemental Reports

  • (Submitted by Four-Eyes) Amenadiel is sometimes claimed to be the "first of the angels" but this is both true and it is not. It varies whether you consider archangels to be a true class of angel or merely the template by which angels based their form upon. Amenadiel was the first angel hatched from essence in the Void and not directly formed by the Presence as an archangel.
  • (Submitted by Four-Eyes) Among occult scholars, Amenadiel is known to be very loyal, determined, disciplined, honorable and righteous. Among patrons of the Oblivion Bar, Amenadiel's reputation, as described by Lucifer is... well, less than stellar. Whoever you ask, Amenadiel is known to be extremely loyal to Heaven and its Divine Presence. Through his extremely long lifespan, Amenadiel has shown great determination to complete whatever task the Presence has given him. His first task to build the Silver City, to give his family a place to call home. When this task was accomplished, Amenadiel became the First Prince of Heaven, functioning as a sort of Mayor or Alderman for the Silver City's core district, overseeing the administrative angels stationed there in official capacities and handling other day-to-day operations while leaving the big decisions to the "Big Guy". Amenadiel's newest assignment required him to periodically dare the infernal expanses of the Void to act as an envoy to its king: the exiled archangel now called Lucifer Morningstar. But as its king has recently abdicated, Amenadiel has more free time to see what he's been missing.

Threat Assessment


  • Angel Physiology
    • Dimensional Shifting
    • Enhanced Physicality
    • Healing Touch
    • Immortality
    • Limited Cosmic Awareness
    • Linguistic Instinct
    • Nigh-Invulnerability
    • Supernal Sorcery
    • Supernatural, Heightened Senses
    • Teleportation
    • Winged Flight
  • Key of Heaven


  • Bound to Duty
  • Enochian Wards
  • Infernal Sorcery


  • Physicality: 6 - World-Class / Superb
  • Occult: 7 - Legendary
  • Weapons: 6 - World-Class / Superb
  • Experience: 6 - World-Class / Superb
  • Ranged: 8 - Paragon
  • Strategy: 7 - Legendary[1]

Trivia and Notes


  • He was sent by the Presence to strike a deal with Lucifer to convince the archangel Gabriel to come back to the Silver City.[2]
  • Amenadiel has a Threat Assessment ranking of 275, marking him as an Ultimate Threat.


  • His appearance is based on D.B. Woodside, who portrays him in the Lucifer TV series.

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