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Ambassador Ch'ah

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  • In 1996 Luanne Spears was implanted with his genetic material. Due to her being too old to carry the child of a H'San Natall or due to being implanted with a more potent genetic sample complication arose. Luanne was reclaimed by the Reach and kept on board of a spaceship until the child (Audrey) was born. When the child was delivered, and found to be unsuitable for infiltration due to having an organic glass-like skin and no discernible organs, the mother was unceremoniously killed and her body left for authorities to find a few miles outside of her home city. Ch'ah named her "Klymsoais" (the H'San Natall word for 'princess') and she was plugged into the Reach equivalent of a holodeck (if you're a Star Trek fan) and given simulations of Earth culture based on an alien computer's analysis of our pop culture, politics, and religion. What came of that was that Audrey spent the entirety of her childhood believing she was a human girl who lived in a castle, in a suburb cut straight from the 1950's, with a pet fire-breathing stegosaurus.[1]
  • In October 2013 he came to Earth with an invasion force.


  • The Ambassador is a character from the Young Justice animated series. In the show he's unnamed.

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