Amanda Waller: 1964 - Present

Amanda Blake was born and raised in a crime-ridden neighborhood of Chicago, it was a tough life but Amanda was more than capable of taking care of herself. Right out of high school she married Joseph Waller and the two began a family together. Amanda and Joseph had five children in quick succession. Their lives were one financial struggle after another, but they were happy. In 1992, when Coretta had started school, Amanda started taking college courses, eventually earning a degree in political science, and getting a job as an aide in the Chicago Mayor’s office where she excelled, quickly being appointed to one bureaucratic position after another.

In 2000, Amanda was at a fundraiser ball when she learned her firstborn son had been killed in a mugging, no suspect was ever arrested. Later that year, Amanda’s eldest daughter was also murdered. Though police arrested a serial rapist known as the “Candyman”, he was released on a technicality, prompting Joseph to take Candyman’s life at the cost of his own.

Following this train of tragedy, Amanda used her political clout to get appointed to a position with the U.S. Justice Department; tasked to oversee a new federal prison for the housing of metahuman criminals, known as Belle Reve. Waller made a name of herself with this appointment, often advising the president on matters of metahuman affairs and super-crime. It was sometime following the events of September 11, 2001, that Waller created an off-the-books task force known as the "Secret Six", which she used as an experiment of sorts before she created "Task Force X" which was a DEO sanctioned black ops program using incarcerated super-criminals. This program however became public in late 2008, leading to a Senate hearing which Waller avoided due to “convenient” departure from the Justice Department and appointment as the Assistant Director of the U.N. backed division known as ARGUS, which she had a hand in creating with Maxwell Lord. Recently, Waller has received sanction from the U.N. to create a new incarnation of “Task Force X” at the new ARGUS facility, Arkham Asylum.[1]

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  • Her portrait is inspired by her appearance in Justice League Unlimited.

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