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  • As part of his move to seize power in the wake of a power vacuum after the deaths of Tony Zucco and the arrests of Carmine Falcone and Sal Maroni, Roman Sionis captured the head of the Odessa Mob, Visily Kosov. In order to show the Odessa Mob who was in charge, Roman Sionis tortured the crimelord in front of his men and family, including his teenage daughter, Alexandra. As Sionis was preparing to carve Visily's eye out, Alexandra stepped forward. Fearing that Sionis would hurt others in her family, she proposed that Sionis let her lead the Odessa Mob and in return, she would pledge the Odessa Mob in service to Sionis. Roman Sionis felt she would likely betray him someday and asked her to prove her loyalty by carving out the eye of the leader of the Odessa Mob. Alexandra then took the scalpel from Sionis and did the deed herself, carving out her own father's eye. Her shaky hands caused more damage than she intended and before she was finished, she had caused her father to die from shock and blood loss. After she was done with that, Sionis told her that while the display was entertaining, it was also completely unnecessary. The way he saw it was that she was the true leader of the Odessa Mob, having had the courage to take charge and negotiate with him. So without another word, Alexandra took the still bloody scalpel to her own eye. Since that day, Alexandra's authority has never been questioned among her men and Roman Sionis believes her loyalty to be beyond reproach... and after a couple years of service, Sionis rewarded her with a new eye, an expensive cybernetic one that made her that much more of an effective agent. Since the formation of the Masterminds, Alexandra Kosov has been closely associated with Black Mask's criminal associate known as the Penguin, who has made use of her gang's smuggling operation to funnel guns between Gotham City and Metropolis.

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