History (Submitted by Four-Eyes)

Albert Davis: 1974 - 1987

Albert was the son of an engineer and a homemaker. He was the fourth of five children. He always felt neglected and outdone by all his siblings. When he was thirteen, he lost his parents and two sisters to the intrinsic explosions in Las Vegas.

Albert Davis: 1987 - 2001

Raised by his older brother who went on to become a cop, Albert was eager to get out of the house. He would get the chance when he went to college, using the financial support from a welfare bill for the aid of those orphaned by the Manhattaning explosions. Albert went to Pacific University where he roomed with Walter Peck. Neither of them were all that concerned with their studies and treated their four years there as one big party. Not wanting the party to end, Walter convinced Albert to join him at law school and invited Albert to 666 Haight Street. Albert was reluctant but he was convinced when Walter told him a certain goth chick Albert had his eye on was going to be there.

Albert Davis: 2000 - 2002

At some point, Albert was introduced to the occult. It is likely his induction to this happened at 666 Haight Street, as that place is highly believed to be associated with a sorcerous cabal. Whatever the case, Albert Davis barely managed to graduate and he moved to Star City where he became an active member of the Order of Ancient Mysteries presence in the city. Though Albert's abilities at sorcery were lackluster, he did have a knack for organization, so he quickly became their Reliquarian and tasked with auditing their vast array of occult treasure.

Albert Davis: 2002 - 2009

Albert ascended the ranks of the Order of Ancient Mysteries during this time, with the aid of a pact he had made with the demon Azazel. During this time, Albert used his management skills to consolidate the Order's scattered power and mobilized their resources to enact Azazel's scheme.

Albert Davis: 2009 - 2013

In accordance with Azazel's plans, Albert orchestrated a number of occult manipulations which, among other things, flooded Star City with high levels of psychic energy, which drew in a large number of ghosts and allowed existing restless spirits to become more powerful. This allowed the Ghostbusters to rise to prominence, which threatened to interfere with Albert and Azazel's plans.

Ultimately, the Ghostbusters' containment unit was destroyed which gave the Order the necessary occult energy required to complete a ritual to summon Gozer. Once Gozer paved the way to Earth, weakening the veil between this reality and Hell, Azazel was able to convince Albert to attempt a second summoning in Plesa Park, releasing Hell upon the city. Demons ravaged the city for weeks until it was learned that the ritual was bound to Albert's life force. To stop the demonic siege, Albert had to die.

"Albert Davis, you have failed this city" were the last words Albert would hear as the instrument of his death was nocked and aimed.[1]

Albert Davis: 2013 - Present

Missing Data

Supplemental Reports

  • (Submitted by Operator) I met Albert's daughter, Zoe Davis, at Queen Consolidated when Oliver was organizing his mayoral campaign. Zoe was part of the political strategy team Oliver put together. Turns out she was also an initiate in the cult. She took her father's death hard, but she appears to be responding well to treatment and last I heard, she is fully cooperating with the DEO.
  • Albert Davis' Rise and Fall:
    • (Submitted by Four-Eyes) Mr. Davis was not a particularly adept sorcerer by any means, admittedly falling into the Order's ranks merely to pursue a "goth girl" he hoped to romance. After being rejected, Davis stuck around due to having made some friends within the Order (his first real meaningful social group) and also found that the Order had means to make his fairly miserable life more palatable. One such way was through lucid dreaming which he did so through a pair of overlooked relics in the Order's inventory he found while conducting an audit as their Reliquarian. While in the Dreaming, Albert came into contact with Azazel who used his infernal minions to help Davis gain power within the Order, eventually rising to the rank of Grandmaster. In return, Davis commanded the Order's resources at Azazel's instruction. Though Hell on Earth was engineered by Azazel, it was Albert who had performed the keystone ritual and so it was Albert's lifeforce entwined in the summoning ritual.

Threat Assessment


  • Occult Training
    • Master Lucid Dreamer
    • Expert Bindwright
    • Expert Demonologist
    • Expert Occult Ritualist
    • Expert Reliquarian
    • Expert Summoner
    • Expert Wardsmith
    • Capable Sorcerer
  • Leader of the Order of Ancient Mysteries
  • Politically Connected
  • Wealthy


  • Avarice
  • Envy
  • Vanity


  • Physicality: 2 - Basic / Typical
  • Occult: 5 - Master / Remarkable
  • Weaponry: 2 - Basic / Typical
  • Expertise: 3 - Trained / Exceptional
  • Range: 4 - Expert / Enhanced
  • Strategy: 3 - Trained / Exceptional

Trivia and Notes


  • Albert has a Threat Assessment ranking of 39, marking him as a Moderate Threat.
  • When he was fourteen years old he slit his wrists and died on his way to the hospital. He met Death who took pity on him and allowed him to return to life. Death later started appearing to him offering him various choices and opportunities, and he chose only when she appeared as a teen goth (the same look during their meeting).
  • Davis had been given the assignment of conducting an inventory on the cell's relics. Most of the relics he found were beyond his skill level but there was one amulet of which he became quite fond. The foolproof amulet contained a special essence crystal that acted as an incubator, producing more of whatever essence it was fed. Davis had experienced a lucid dream during a group ritual which used up most of what little Dream essence the Star City cell had remaining, but in his cataloging, Davis found one more vial of the essence which he fed to the forgotten amulet. The process of replicating the potent essence of an Endless was slow, but the amulet produced enough 'juice' in a twenty-four hour period to allow one person, Davis, to practice a particularly vivid means of lucid dreaming on a nightly basis.
  • While Davis had only intended to use this as a private diversion, his nightly escapades in the Dreaming eventually would lead him to go exploring the castle at the center of the land. Davis had learned enough tricks in his prior lucid adventures to avoid the detection of the guards and servants of the castle. The only being that was likely to discover his trespass was sealed away in a basement in Wych Cross. During one of these explorations, Davis felt a tug at his consciousness that drew him to a cupboard where he found a jar filled with an inky black substance. The jar itself urged Davis to take it from the cupboard and shatter it on the floor, but when Davis touched the jar he set off a warding spell which summoned the castle's guardians and steward at once. In his panic, Davis left the jar and threw himself out the nearest window, causing him to awaken abruptly. While he continued to explore the Dreaming, Davis did not return to the castle. He constantly found himself thinking about the jar and what it may have contained, but he dared not risk exposing his ill-gotten amulet to the castle's occupants. But while Davis was content to no longer seek out the jar, the same could not be said for the occupant of the jar's interest in Davis. The glass container was the prison of Azazel, one of the Fallen Lords of Hell, trapped there for his offending of Morpheus several years prior to the Endless' imprisonment in the basement of Fawny Rig. Azazel's limited connection to Davis gave the demon the means to track Davis through his limited ability to act in the mortal realm. When Azazel discovered Davis' access to the Order of Ancient Mysteries, Azazel began forming a plan.
  • Azazel confronted Davis, urged him into making a pact. Azazel's followers helped Davis with accumulating actual sorcerous power and relics which, in turn, allowed him to rise to the ranks of the Order's grandmaster within Star City (once the previous grandmaster was dispatched). In exchange for Azazel's help in helping Davis gain power, respect, and prestige, the newly-minted grandmaster used the Order of Ancient Mysteries to give the demon greater influence in the mortal realm... at least, that's all Davis thought he was doing. In truth, Azazel was also planting his own cultist and infernal followers within the ranks of the Order. With Davis easily bent by Azazel's manipulations, Azazel was able to use the OAM of Star City to lay the foundations for a grand plan. But in order to accomplish what Azazel had engineered, the OAM needed a greater source of power than the architectural conduit was harvesting. To that end, Azazel urged Davis to capture a being of immeasurable power, similar to the imprisoned entities of other cities and locations. Davis suggested the Endless in Wych Cross, but when the OAM ventured back to England to attempt a transport of their prisoner, they found Morpheus had been freed.
  • Around this same time, Azazel's activity had been discovered by the recently returned Morpheus. To remedy this, the Endless placed the glass jar in a cupboard with more powerful warding. While the demon could still exert some power on the mortal realm, it took him some time to develop countermeasures to his new confinement. During this period, Davis and Azazel lost contact with one another, and Davis was forced to devise an alternative means of finding a powerful entity. Whatever it was he found was not able to be properly confined or the esoteric properties of the Order's building were not aligned to those of the imprisoned entity. There was a lot of extra essence being bled out into the surrounding city, essence which drew supernatural predators and caused restless spirits to grow in power.[2]
  • In 2002 he tried to take over Dillin Tower after its owner, Rick Dillin, disappeared under mysterious circumstances. His attempt resulted in a legal battle between him (represented by the law firm of Slater, Stone, and Loring) and Laurel Lance's estate firm. Louis Tully recalled an obscure city statute. With the Lances' help making the proper introductions, Louis negotiated an agreement with the city and Queen Consolidated backed Star City Heritage Foundation. The city stepped in and allowed the SCHF to take custody of the building to retain its significance to the city's heritage. This allowed the tenants a measure of security for the next three years until the law firm won the legal dispute and turned control to Albert.[3]
  • He offered Dana Barrett a job and an apartment in the Dillin Tower. He did it because Dana had an innate connection to the supernatural.[4]
  • He asked various occultists to aid him with his ritual, including Stanley Dover Elder.[5]
  • He helped Walter Peck with acquiring a court order by "putting in a good word" with a judge he played golf with.[6]
  • On June 13th 2013, Albert Davis was tricked by the Riddler (possessed by Azazel) into tapping the dark magic generated by his ancestors' secret shaping of Star City into an occult conduit. In so doing, Davis accidentally unleashed a horde of demons upon Star City led by the notorious Trigon. This proved to be a trial by fire for the re-established Justice League and after weeks of battling and waves of heroes coming to Star City's aid, the curse was lifted by the Green Arrow killing Albert Davis whose own lifeforce turned out to be the key needed to reseal the gateway he had opened.[7]
  • After being killed by Green Arrow Death appeared to him again and tried to take him to the afterlife, but Albert used magic and returned to Earth as a ghost. His current status is unknown.[8]


  • Albert Davis is a character from Green Arrow, Vol. 3, featured in the "City Walls" storyline. In Earth-27, events of this storyline are combined with Green Arrow: Quiver, the 2016 Suicide Squad movie, and the 1984 Ghostbusters movie.
  • In the comics, after his wife and two children were assaulted and killed by a carjacker, he summoned a demonic army of peace-keepers that would prevent crime. He was killed by Mia Dearden.
  • In the comics he tricked Riddler into becoming a distraction for his ritual.
  • Albert's family has nods to many characters from the comics and related media:
    • Abraham Davis is the co-inventor of the Gravity Rod and the Black Light Ray.
    • Karen Davis is the sister of the hero Comet of Impact Comics.
    • Jonathan James "JJ" Davis is a member of the Vigilante's support team.
    • Leonard "Len" Davis is a Pittsburgh SWAT commander from Firestorm comics.
    • His sisters might be nods to Jenn and Jezz Davidson from Vamps.
    • Zoe Davis is a character from Night Force #1.
    • Lester "Rocky" Davis is a founding member of the Challengers of the Unknown.
    • Lisa Davis is a resident of Smallville from the Pre-Crisis continuity.

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