Rings are fueled by insatiable greed and controlled with willpower. Those with weak wills are instead controlled by Ophidian.

Source Entity: Ophidian the Tempter

Location of the Source Conduit: Okaara

Agent Orange is Larfleeze. Larfleeze, driven by greed and paranoia, coveting the power of the Orange Conduit above all else, has spent his long lifespan collecting every Orange Lantern ring he can find and adding it to his stash. As he has learned of an Orange Ring making its way to Earth, he has come to take one as well.[1]

Number of Known Bearers: 1

Notable Ringbearers

Powers of the Orange Lanterns by Mastery Levels

The Initiate


First Degree: The Novice


Second Degree: The Apprentice


Third Degree: The Adept


Fourth Degree: The Journeyman


Fifth Degree: The Master


Sixth Degree: The Legend


Seventh Degree: The Paragon


Trivia and Notes


  • There are seven degrees of Ring Mastery, in E27:
    • First Degree: You've graduated basic training on Oa and have developed your own style.
    • Second Degree: You've got what it takes to be a decent solo Lantern, if needs be.
    • Third Degree: You've can make a decent field trainer.
    • Fourth Degree: You've got what it takes to be a drill instructor or a Senior Lantern.
    • Fifth Degree: You're a pretty big deal in the Corps itself. Most Lanterns know who you are. This is about the highest most Lanterns ever get.
    • Sixth Degree: You've surpassed the Guardians' expectations and have proven to be among the most elite of the Lanterns ever to wield the ring.
    • Seventh Degree: You're a legend in your own right. Darkseid himself would be alarmed if he heard you were venturing close to Apokalypse's borders.

Links and References

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