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The Advance Research Group United Support (ARGUS), is a U.N. sponsored organization, created first to monitor the activities of metahumans, "superheroes", and "supervillains" and prepare reports for the United Nations, but when the Justice League was reformed under the U.N., ARGUS took a more direct role as not only a support organization for the Justice League, but also as a police force meant to assist the Justice League in the pursuit, capture, and detainment of "super-criminals".[1]



Division Chiefs

Custody Division

Intelligence Division

Justice League Division

Logistics Division

Operations Division

Research Division

Trivia and Notes


  • ARGUS keeps the most dangerous relics in a vault in the Wheelhouse.
  • They have a rapid response team, Codename: Stormwatch. They also have an off-the-books team, designated: Task Force X (better known by its nickname: The Suicide Squad).
  • The Losers have managed to exposed several illicit activities of the organisation and its International Operations.[3]

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