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  • Red Hood: [footsteps: 2 instances] McGinnis! We need to talk about this!
  • Batman: [groan, footsteps] There's nothing to talk about, Lian! I made my decision... and it's final!
  • Red Hood: I don't like your decision so the [expletive] it's final!
  • Batman: [groan] I don't care if you're schway with it or not! I am free to make my own choices.
  • Red Hood: So just like that you're going to give up on us?
  • Batman: I'm not giving up on anything. I'm just not joining your clubhouse... it's not the end of the world.
  • Kamali: If you're not with us-
  • Batman: I'm against you? Is that how it is?!
  • Kamali: Pretty much...
  • Redbird: Whoa, whoa... Seriously? Terry's our friend. He'll continue to be our friend and even our ally when we need him. Right?! He's not saying he's against us! Right, Terry?
  • Batman: I don't know if it's my call to make. Lian's the one playing judge, jury, and executioner lately... Maybe I should see what she has to say on the matter. Lian?
  • Red Hood: [scoff] You've gone soft, McGinnis...
  • Redbird: Lian... Let's not-
  • Batman: Leave her, Sam. She's made her call. [scoff, footsteps] Whatever. If you three want to be this way, I want nothing to do with you. I trust you three can see your way out of my city.
  • Kamali: You don't own Gotham...
  • Batman: Press your luck and we'll see about that, Liz.
  • Kamali: What did you say to me?! [snarl, footsteps, sonic blade activating]
  • Redbird: [frantic breathing, rapid footsteps, whack, clatter, sonic blade deactivating] No! Enough of this! Stop it! All of you!
  • Red Hood: Sam-
  • Redbird: No, look, I'm talking here! You three have done enough talking and nothing good has come of it! So it's my turn now-
  • Red Hood: Sam! Look behind you!
  • Kamali: Whoa! What the hell is that?! [temporal schism rupturing, clattering: 2 instances]
  • Red Hood: [rapid footsteps: 2 instances] Sam! Get away from those!
  • Kamali: But my visor is detecting life signs in distress!
  • Redbird: Mine too!
  • Red Hood: Yeah, and so is mine! That doesn't mean we open those things! It could be an alien menace or-
  • Batman: Out of my way then. [rapid footsteps] If you guys cared half as much about saving lives as you did taking them- [hand smashing release switch, hand smashing release switch, whirring: 2 instances, pressurized hiss, pressurized hiss]
  • Redbird: No way...
  • Kamali: Is that-
  • Batman: But it can't be... That's impossible.
  • Red Hood: Get away from those! [rapid beeping, rapid footsteps] [expletive]! It's a bomb! Get do- [loud crackle, temporal schism rupturing, explosion, armored fabric crumbling: 4 instances, silence: elapsed time: 3 hours, 12 minutes, 52 seconds]

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